Does it really work? Can a 2.5 Lb shake weight really tone those upper arms and body to make you look ripped?

This product has been the talk of the town since it was launched and created a stir, due to its “suggestive” infomercial.   Shake Weight is a designed as a dumbbell with springs that is shaken to get some resistance thus it helps shape and tone your arm muscles.   By doing various range of motions while shaking, it will guarantee to work out your upper body.

It works on Dynamic Inertia, which will increase muscle activity.  By shaking the weight in just 6 minutes a day, it will guarantee to shape and tone your arms and you’ll be ready to show off those toned arms. The accompanying DVD will guide you with the various exercises to achieve this.

Shake WeightAs with any workout device it has its positive and negative sides.   On the positive note, it only weighs 2.5Lb and they only recommend a piece when you work out.  This is unlike the conventional dumbbell wherein you would need a set to work out both arms at the same time.  With it’s easy to use instructions and small size, this is the perfect and ideal exercise gadget to carry with you on your travels.

However, the range of motion for Shake Weight is limited.  You would need a variety and series of motion exercises to fully workout your upper body muscles.  The 6 minutes a day workout is unconvincing as you would need more than 6 minutes to really work out the muscles.

At any rate, this would a fun and novel product to try and see the weights shaking.   If you are busy and would like a light moderate exercises, then this product is for you.

If you are interested in learning more about The Shake Weight and/or want to order one, click on the images below:

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